2007 Novatos Golf Tournament

Novatos Golf Tournament hosted by the Maranaw Lodge No. 111 of the F&AM held at the Iligan Golf and Country Club located at Sitio Pindugangan, Barangay Tipanoy, Iligan City Philippines on August 26, 2007.






















Iligan Lodge 207 Family Bonding 2005

Iligan Lodge No. 207 is quite known around the district to lead in activities which usually focuses on the development and enhancement of camaraderie and leadership.  So in one of the annual family bonding activities of the lodge held last May, 2005, the organizers decided to do it in one of the swimming pool resorts at Timoga, Barangay Buru-un,  Iligan city.  And the result, as the pictures show below, was a fun-filled event, joined in by our beloved sisters and children...as well as brethren from other lodges who knew how exciting it is to be around Iligan Lodge activities.

Brethren present gamely showed off their abs.  The result?  The real six-packs were actually bottles!

Bottles of Beer or Beer Battles?

Who's the brother with a black spot on his ass?  Your guess is as good as mine!

Behold! How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity!

We are not in trouble that we are kneeling in front of our beloved wives...we were just given instructions on how to woe them by our elders...hahaha!  But the truth is that we are just trying to swallow the "Pulvoron" and whistle to win the game.

Some people just have a hard time following instructions...and i'm talking about adults...yet we get impatient with kids when they do not follow simple instructions.  That's the fun of this game.  Smile!

It's not that it's only the adults who are enjoying the affair...right after this game, WB Vic Mariano did his usual Magic Show which the kids all loved...and I'm sure most of the adults watching him did too!

Forget everything and just have tons and tons of FUN!